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30th Anniversary Membership Dinner

We’re celebrating 30 years of breaking down Mental Illness barriers in Southwest Louisiana! The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Southwest Louisiana will be holding its Annual Membership dinner in conjunction with National Mental Illness Awareness Week. At this event…


Mental Illness Awareness Week

Show your support for NAMI and Mental Illness Awareness Week! We have several exciting events to attend during the second week in October: The Candlelight Vigil, 30th Anniversary Celebration Dinner, Lake Area Mental & Behavioral Health Conference, our Family Support…


LAM&B Health Conference 2014

The mission of the Lake Area Mental & Behavioral Health Conference is to promote education, research, awareness and collaborative efforts among professionals, educators and community related to mental and behavioral health. Our vision is to provide professionals, students, and consumers…

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The Brain and Mental Illness

  THE BRAIN AND MENTAL ILLNESS “What did I do to cause the illness to my loved one?”  This a common question of someone who thinks they are to blame for the mental illness. On the other hand, the person…


Don’t Fight Mental Illness Alone

  DON’T FIGHT MENTAL ILLNESS ALONE This is one young man’s story of coping with the thought of fighting mental illness alone. It appeared in The NAMI Advocate, Winter 2014, page 25. “I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 1999….


“Just Get Over” the Mental Illness?

  “Just Get Over” the Mental Illness?   This story was printed in the NAMI ADVOCATE, Winter 2014, page 23.   For years, I was told by friends and family that I was overly dramatic and overreacting to situations around…


Lake Charles Family Support Group

The Family Support Group is a support group for families and friends of those living with mental illness. Come join us and meet other family members who have experienced the effects of mental illness. What: Family Support Group Where: NAMI…

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Jennings Family Support Group

The Family/Caregiver Support Group is a support group for families or any person caring for someone with mental illness. Mental illnesses may include but are not limited to: Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizophrenia. What: Family/Caregiver Support Group When: Every 3rd…

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